HBO Max Departs Amazon & Offers Half-Off Subscription Rate


Deadline is reporting that HBO Max is offering a half-off discount through September 26th for up to six months to try and stave off the loss of viewers since HBO is no longer available on Amazon Prime Video Channel. This is for anyone who had access via Amazon and is for both new and returning subscribers. The move to exit from the platform started two years ago, ending a relationship that long pre-dates the current streaming service bonanza. This does not affect anyone who watches HBO Max through Amazon Fire TV, which is a separate part of Amazon.


If you had HBO through Prime Video, you can still access your content on HBO Max by signing in with your Prime Video credentials. You also can still use HBO Max on Amazon Fire TV devices by signing up for the service directly, which became available in November. Last year, Amazon said more than 5 million HBO subscribers received the service through Prime Video Channels.


This news comes just a few days after HBO vanished from Apple TV Channels offerings.

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