Hawaiian Comic Book Shop Forced to Close After 34 Years

KHON-2 reports that a specialty store located in Hawaii has been forced to close for good because Coronavirus hurt their sales badly:


After more than 30 years of being tucked away in Kaimuki, Gecko Books and Comics marked its final chapter on Oct. 16.

Like many local businesses, this long-time landmark fell victim to the pandemic.

“I’ve been on this block since 1987,” said owner Ted Mays.

For 34 years, Mays has been the go-to for comic books, memorabilia and hobby specialty items. But after more than three decades at the corner of 12th and Mahina Avenue, it is time to close up shop.



“A lot of people were in denial for sure,” he said. “But I think they thought I was gonna do this forever.”

Mays said that his decision to close is a result of a lot of things, from the rising cost of doing business in Hawaii to not seeing his family in a long time. However, he said that the second shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic is what ultimately did him in.

“The second shutdown with a 48-hour notice was probably the last nail in the coffin, where I just realized we just took a huge huge financial loss,” said Mays.


Very sad indeed, and IMO, any publisher who won’t market their products by merit is at least partly to blame here. With this store closing, how many more specialty stores are left in the USA? As the closure of a store across the ocean in Hawaii hints, the numbers could be getting even lower.



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Avi Green

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