Hasbro Star Wars Toys Not on Kids’ Christmas Wish Lists


Remember the article about Star Wars not connecting with the younger generations?  Well, Hasbro is feeling that all too well.  No wonder they have to pay kids to play with Star Wars toys.


Jedi Temple Archives reports:


Walmart polled kids this year to get an idea of what some of their favorite toys and brands are and what Wlamart should have IN STOCK for America’s Best Toy Shop. As you know, Walmart has grand plans to take over the world as the #1 toy shop. See if you can find what intellectual property and Hasbro brand DID NOT make the list. It’s no wonder so many locations have no Star Wars section left.



At least Star Wars toys won’t appear on a most returned Christmas gift list this year if no one is buying them in the first place.


But is there another reason that Star Wars Toys seem to be dwindling in various outlets?  Perhaps there is.


Inc.com reports:

Target Just Made a Huge Announcement That May Completely Change the Way It Does Business. Here’s Why It’s Brilliant

Target and Disney just announced a new partnership, and it could shape the world of retail for years to come.

On Sunday, Target made a pretty big announcement: It’s partnering with Disney to create a unique shopping experience for fans of both brands.

The announcement included the following details:


Target will open 25 Disney “stores within a store” in October, with 40 more planned to open by next year;

A new Target store will open near the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando in 2021; and

Target has also launched a Disney-themed section on its website, which features products from Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars brands.

The Disney stores within Target will span an average of 750 square feet, according to CNBC. They’ll be strategically located, next to–you guessed it–the kids’ clothing and toy aisles. And they’ll be staffed by Target employees who will receive special training in connection with the Disney brand.


Imagine these shops as a mini-version of the Disney stores you see in major cities (like New York and Paris), except accessible to many, many more people.


So just like Disney+ where you’ll have to pay a special fee to watch Star Wars, you might also have to shop at a specialty store to find Star Wars merchandise.  Or at least, those who still want any of it will.


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