Hägar the Horrible Animated TV Series Under Development

Hägar the Horrible is set to make a raid on the small screen with an animated family sitcom series in development.

Fresh Off the Boat writer and producer Eric Ziobrowski is writing the adaptation, which comes from King Features, the Hearst-owned division behind the comic strip and The Jim Henson Company.


The series will follow the hardworking Viking family led by a larger than life hero, Hägar, who can’t quite understand how the society he once understood is changing around him.

Hägar, who was created by Dik Browne, has been running in newspapers since 1973 and found himself at the center of U.S. politics earlier this year after a framed Hägar strip was seen on former Vice-President Joe Biden’s desk in the video call where he choose Kamala Harris to be his Vice President.

The series will be made using Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, a proprietary animation technology that allows Henson’s puppeteers to manipulate animated characters in real time, allowing for an organic, spontaneous performance.



via Deadline

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