Greg Berlanti Cares More About Social Justice than Good TV


I can’t remember if I’d brought up this Variety report before, but as something pertinent to the DC television franchise, much like this news, it’s important to note that Greg Berlanti, the producer of these politicized adaptations, is associating with Black Lives Matter propagandists.




“All American” showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll and series executive producer Greg Berlanti joined Variety‘s Virtual TV Fest on Wednesday for a discussion on COVID-19 and race in entertainment.

Speaking with moderator Elaine Lowe, Carroll addressed the current climate in the U.S. following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers and how that, combined with the pandemic, sparked a national movement.

“That unfortunate perfect storm created a moment where people couldn’t deny what was happening in this country anymore,” she said. “Because of that and because of the magnitude of the response we’ve seen, it does feel different. … The speed with which so many companies, networks, studios, other entertainment entities put out statements in support of Black Lives Matter is not something we saw before.”


And that’s the problem. Today’s industry has sold out to politics – to say nothing of communism and socialism like never before. Including BLM. And they do all this because of an incident involving a man who turned out to be a crook, along with the destructive violence that ensued. The interviewees complain about not enough POC in executive jobs in Hollywood, though it’s obvious they’d never accept a Black/Latino/Asian business agent in such roles if they happened to be right-leaning. Now, here’s where Berlanti denigrates whites and heterosexuals:


Berlanti echoed those sentiments, while also saying that it is important for the shows that are being made today to reflect the current times.

“In the DC Universe especially, there’s been a focus on us recognizing that we want to create heroes that look and felt like today, not the 1940s or 1950s,” he said. “They were all very well intentioned when they created those back then, but there’s a certain responsibility that you have if you’re going to escort these iconic characters into this generation to make sure they have the heart of that character, but they don’t have to have the gender or the color of that character or the sexuality.”


So in other words, if they’re white and heterosexual, they’re outdated, irrelevant and worthless. This kind of propaganda has only served to hurt society, and I wouldn’t be shocked if, in the months that have passed, Berlanti’s spared no expense making as many of these petty changes as possible, all without being even the slightest bit original. No wonder I’d rather not watch any of these live action productions, and I’d be happy if others would make sure to just change the channel already.


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