Green Lantern Corps Member Sacrificed for Sensationalism (UPDATED)



The GLC member, Jessica Cruz, a recent creation by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver,  is a member of the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League. Her first appearance was Justice League #31 (2014). Now, five years later, she was just knocked off by none other than Darkseid in Justice League Odyssey as part of DC’s long-running modern custom of killing off characters they may not want to pay residuals on, or just decided to throw under the bus:


There’s just no way to keep a supervillain like Darkseid out of power for long, and he’s finally returned to full power in DC’s comic universe. A point made perfectly clear which by killing one of Earth’s fan-favorite Green Lanterns… and from the looks of it, she won’t be coming back.

It’s a shocking thing to see any Justice Leaguer murdered, even if Darkseid’s betrayal beforehand was a bit easier to predict. From the first announcement that Darkseid would join Justice League: Odyssey’s heroes, fans suspected that his mission to repair the DC Universe would serve some ulterior, villainous motive. That’s exactly how the story unfolded, with Darkseid regaining his power and dominating the other League members… all of them except the Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. But even a power ring has its limits, where a blast from Darkseid’s Omega Beams do not. […]

Unfortunately for her… this is Darkseid. Taking the hit, before swatting Jessica away like a simple space cop pestering a literal God, Darkseid knows her power has run out. Acknowledging that Jessica’s overflowing willpower and courage would have made her a worthy lieutenant in his new regime, her failed attempt to defeat him helps Darkseid make his final decision. With eyes glowing red to fire his signature attack, the Omega Beams lance forward towards the Green Lantern… and reduce her to a pile of ash and bones.

On the contrary, it hasn’t been shocking for years to see any DC character killed because DC editorial so decreed. But I’ve got a feeling they’d never have done this with the Islamic Green Lantern, Simon Baz, who may or may not be in this story, because of what his background was built on, and to do otherwise would violate their own PC standards. So instead they take the easy target and throw her out with bath water.


But was Jessica Cruz really ever a “fan favorite”? Her origin story was pretty tasteless, and the audience’s dwindled so badly, it’s clear there aren’t even many left who’ll clamor for her to be brought back, if at all, assuming she’s going to remain that way:


There is always a chance that Jessica’s story can continue beyond her death, as it did when Hal Jordan died to defeat Sinestro–and continued on into the afterlife reserved for fallen Green Lanterns. In fact, the final tease of “Afterlife” may give readers hope that is exactly what twist will arrive next. But until then, fans can pick up the issue to process Green Lantern’s death for themselves.

Umm, I think that would be ill-advised, if only because it would fill the coffers of Dan DiDio, and besides, no matter how this turns out, they count on gullibility of the audience to keep the sales going. Based on that, this is exactly why you shouldn’t even pick up these books if Katma Tui’s brought back (as far as I know, she’s still in the DCU crypt) because DiDio’s still bound to pull these reprehensible stunts, as he already has with Heroes in Crisis, and we can’t give him the satisfaction of thinking his contempt for fans will pay off. He is, as I’ve noted before, the single biggest problem with the face of DC today.



Ethan Van Sciver weighed-in on this story on his Youtube channel earlier today to correct our misunderstanding about the royalities from creating a character. Because Jessica Cruz is a ‘derivative’ character of Green Lantern, neither Geoff nor Ethan receive any ongoing royalties from the character, although they did receive a bonus payment recently when the character was to be used in other media.

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Avi Green

Avi Green

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