Goblin Slayer Left Out of Crunchyroll Awards


When the anime, Goblin Slayer was originally released and met with a huge controversy because of the sexual violence. Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy that seemed to trigger a lot of snowflakes because within the anime there is sexual violence towards a woman. 

The violence within the anime served a purpose in the story, and added to the rich story line. But in the eyes of the triggered, it was unnecessary and cruel, among other complaints they had. Fast forward to present day and Goblin Slayer is back in the news for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards – or lack thereof.

In my video below I go discuss the series along with the controversial issues surrounding exactly why I think Crunchyroll decided not to nominate this extremely popular anime.


Goblin Slayer Controversy AGAIN | SJWs Keeping it out of Crunchyroll Awards!

Tristen Just

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