Go Home Comics Girl!! My Battle with Calgary Expo & The Mary Sue

I, Alison Tieman, sued the Calgary Expo for breach of contract as well as The Mary Sue website for injurious falsehood. In brief I was kicked out of Calgary Expo for my association with “gamergate” and for disagreeing with a feminist at a panel and then lied about in an article by the Mary Sue.


I was evicted from the Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo, put on by Calgary Expo, in April of 2015. The allegations put forward by Calgary Expo were that I breached my contract by harassing panelists at a panel titled “Women into Comics.”


A review of the audio reveals that I requested to speak to a topic the Panelists brought up and when the Panelists wished to move on to other audience members I, and my friend attending with me Sage Gerard, complied. At all times the panelists were in full control of the panel.


After the eviction the Mary Sue published an article saying I was not just evicted due to harassing behaviour at the Panel but also lied on my contract by misrepresenting myself so that Calgary Expo could not have known I would be attending under the company name “Honey Badger Brigade.”


This allegation is provably false. In fact the defence itself submitted evidence that the Mary Sue’s allegation is false in the form of my contract with them that clearly states my company name as “Honey Badger Brigade” and website as honeybadgerbrigade.com.


After two days of my testimony at trial November 2017, the defendants offered to settle, but during the course of the settlement decided to threaten me with a defamation lawsuit over my producer, Brian Martinez, tweeting out “we won” in response to their offer to settle.


As settlement talks appeared irreconcilable at that point, we returned to trial in July of 2018.

The defendants didn’t even submit actual physical evidence.

At the conclusion of the trial we all felt cautiously optimistic that the verdict would be in our favour. The defence’s council had forwarded an illegal communication from the Mary Sue violating settlement privilege to the judge and had been fired by both defendants. The Mary Sue hadn’t even shown up for the last three days and the Calgary Expo represented themselves.


The defendants didn’t even submit actual physical evidence.


Unfortunately August 1st we got the bad news that we had lost on all counts despite the defence not being legally represented and not even submitting evidence. Looking through the judgement it is riddled in errors of fact and law; we believe we have 16 counts to appeal on.


Usually Canadian court judgments are made public no later than 30 days after they’re issued, but this judgement remains unpublished and unavailable to the public.


One Angry Gamer had this to say:

For reference, the FBI report did not state that #GamerGate was a hate campaign as indicated by the judge. The opposite conclusion was made when the FBI couldn’t find actionable evidence that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign.

They will likely take some time to survey the outcome and decide whether the costs are worth fighting against what looks like corruption in the Canadian court system.


Mundane Matt as well as Vlogger Karen Straughaun have both weighed-in with this assessment of the court’s decision:

The Honey Badgers Lose their Case against Calgary Expo

My verdict on the verdict, and judging the judgment...

Keep up with the next steps in this case by visiting the HoneyBadgerBrigade website here. Help out the Honey Badger Brigade by donating to their crowdfunding campaign to fund their appeal. Only 23 hours left!

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