GI Joe Writer Observed Pearl Harbor Day by Lamenting ‘White Privilege’


Larry Hama may not have a Twitter account, which is actually a good thing. But he does have a Facebook account, and recently said what’s shown in the following screencap, regarding the history of a Marvel Comics employee named Morrie Kuromato, an American-Japanese who turned out to be a member of squad 442 who’d served honorably:



The subject was also in discussion over a year ago on author Sean Kleefeld’s site (who’s a leftist himself). Let’s be clear. Of course the employees at Marvel past weren’t saints, and if they acted disgusting around the guy, that is disappointing. But it sounds like Hama’s accusing them of “white privilege” for the sake of tearing down the company of old and making them all sound inherently bad. Presumably because he never enjoyed working there in the first place? That’s the feeling this post of his cannot escape. Somebody replied with this:



This is why some people may perceive what Hama’s saying as being reminiscent of what ultra-leftist universities have been indoctrinating, and that’s why the way he puts it doesn’t have the impact it could. Another poster said:



While it’s long been seen as offensive to burn flags considered patriotic symbols, threatening somebody with death is considerably much worse, and if Hama really did put a scene like that in GI Joe…yeah, that was in poor taste. It reminds me of a political story that took place in the old EC output by the late Bill Gaines, prior to changing the publications solely to MAD magazine, where a bunch of alleged anti-commies killed a blind man because he didn’t salute the USA flag. If it was supposed to deal with a serious issue, the very unrealistic approach to writing ruined everything. Surrealism is fine in itself, but if they were passing this off as a social commentary on real life, they sure didn’t make a plausible effort.



One more reply made to this was:



While it’s possible there were Blacks/Latinos at the Bullpen office who could’ve done this too, one still has to wonder if Hama’s only alluding to whites when he says this. Maybe the weirdest part of all though, is, what if the staffers in question were liberals? If they were, why doesn’t Hama have an issue with that, and whether their ideology led them to do that? Some things a leftist like Hama does are just so mystifying. The subject matter he brings up does deserve to be known. But the way Hama’s approaching the subject is just sloppy and unhelpful.


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