Getting Outraged at All the Knee-Jerk Outrage


Lots of people in the comics and geek community seem to be constantly having major knee-jerk reactions to all things new in geek culture.


What am I talking about? Let’s start out with Episode 4 of the Mandalorian on Disney Plus. It featured bad-ass woman, MMA star Gina Carano, and from what I can tell it was one of her best fights.


What did the Knee-Jerks do? Complained that the show was suddenly “woke”!


Next, the new Harley Quinn animated show got salty and had some white, rich men being assholes. That’s NEVER been depicted in a show before has it?





Next up, it was Dr.Manhattan being a black man in HBO’s Watchmen. And no, I don’t want to be on the Mary Sue’s side, ever, but if you’re still getting bent out of shape over inclusion, diversity, race-bending, it’s time to let these things go and support what you DO like.



Can we go ahead and expect more outrage at the Wonder Woman of China POSSIBLY being the 5G replacement to Diana Prince herself!



From what I see, people are either so bitter about the big two or other geek culture related things, they’re quicker to focus on the ideology instead of something that’s actually entertaining! People are becoming so jaded, they immediately express outrage, even if the final product winds up being good or has the potential to be good. Can we not give these things a chance before we dig in our heels and shout about it like it’s the worst case scenario? The downside to this all is that it’ll make us all look just exactly the way the haters claimed us to be!


Getting mad about a strong woman in The Mandalorian very neatly fits the accusations that a fan community like ours doesn’t want any strong female characters in our media. I get that some people do it for clicks, likes, or views, because people do tend to get riled up over this stuff, but in the end it does not make our side look good. It’s one thing to say “I don’t like this take,” but it’s another thing altogether to parade around the internet acting like it’s the worst thing ever and even getting into fights over those who don’t agree.


Seriously people, can we take a chill pill?


Robert Willing

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