Get Woke Go Broke: Diagnosing the Collapse of The CW Network


Breitbart’s reporting that the collapsing The CW network, on which a number of DC-adapted superhero shows were broadcast, is being sold, and its managers have admitted to failure as well:


The CW Network has been known for woke scripted programing but with its recent sale, executives are admitting that its lowest-rated status is because its average viewers just aren’t interested in its shows.

CW has been known for many young adult-oriented series such as Riverdale, Charmed, and All American, as well as shows based on DC comic book characters including Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash.

Nearly every series that CW has produced over the last decade has been chock full of “representation” of the radical LGBTQ and transgender agenda, attacks on Republicans and Donald Trump, and general support for the far-left political agenda.

Supergirl, for instance, added a transgender character as a principal in 2018, and featured anti-conservative and anti-Trump content. But Supergirl was far from the only series to push woke topics. Its teen witch series, Charmed, heavily pushed lesbianism and constantly featured anti-male sentiment, and each of its superhero shows had gay characters, often as leads.


The Charmed series they speak of, IIRC, was supposed to be a reboot of the 1998-2006 series originally produced by the late Aaron Spelling, who had a prolific career in entertainment from the mid-1950s till his passing in the mid-2000s, and was one of the very few fantasy-themed productions I know of he oversaw in his time. I seem to recall reading of an episode in the first season of the remake that one of the stars was having a quarrel with a man, and yelled at him, “you’re a cis white male”. If that really did occur within one of the scripts, it only embarrasses the legacy of the original, just as much as its former co-star Alyssa Milano already has with her political activism. And, here on Reddit, is a viewer’s take that confirms something really did go terribly wrong.

The adaptations of the DC cast members aired on CW were an utter desecration of their source material, doing a terrible disfavor to the past veterans who created them in the first place. It’s enough to make me wonder if CW’s worse than Netflix. Now, a channel that seems to appeal far more to 50-year-olds has been sold off to Nexstar, and one can only hope they’ll make repairs to any future approach made with whatever new TV shows they have planned for production. But, chances are just as likely no improvements will be made at all, which is why it’d decidedly be better if the TV channel were closed down altogether.


Editor’s note: Could Disney+ be far behind?


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