George Lucas’ “Problematic” Statements On Women In Star Wars

A 5 to 1 ratio is probably generous compared to the world we live in.


Not only is George Lucas Fandom Menace, but he’s also a sexist and/or misogynist too apparently.



One of the primary arguments for the inclusion of more women in Star Wars is that 50% of the world’s population is women, therefore 50% of the characters in Star Wars should be women.  One of the biggest supporters of the 50/50 mandate is misandrist Lucasfilm author, Amy Ratcliffe.




Readers of this blog will be aware of my own position on the 50/50 mandate, and how silly it is.  Because the title of the franchise is not Star Galaxy, which depicts the galaxy as a whole.  Rather, the title of the franchise is Star Wars instead.  Pay particular note to how the word “war” appears in the title of the franchise. 


Who is it that fights wars?  Predominately men.  Now, you certainly have your Joan of Arcs, Anne Bonnys, and Molly Pitchards to be sure.  But they were exceedingly rare.  And since the franchise is about war rather than the galaxy as a whole, the ratio should reflect what we find in warfare, rather than what we find in the world as a whole.  That’s how 50/50 representation in Star Wars is unreasonable.  I have made this argument repeatedly throughout my blog.


George Lucas agrees.


In Starlog Magazine issue 127, from February 1988, on page 48, George Lucas stated the following in an interview:





Undoubtedly the people who “noticed the lack of women in the Star Wars trilogy” were the media who would also accuse George Lucas and Ahmed Best of creating a racist stereotype with the Jar Jar Binks character years later, rather than “we all.”


So what now, SJWs?  All of you SJWs have been claiming that George was an SJW too, but that statement doesn’t sound very SJW now does it?


Is George Lucas “threatened by women?”

“Our continued and debilitating obsession with our childhood passions was caveman masculine until the dames ruined it.”

— Pablo Hidalgo’s Online Tweeting Account (@pablohidalgo) May 13, 2018


Go tell it to George, Pablo.



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