Gender Identity Crisis: More Transgender Exploitation at DC


Here’s another example of DC’s lurch into extreme LGBT propaganda announced on Remezcla, telling that a new miniseries starring the black Amazon Nubia is being exploited by leftist ideologues for the sake of distributing transsexual ideology:


The first issue of DC Comics latest six-issue comic book series, Nubia & the Amazons , debuted last week, and its Black and Afro-Latine creators want to make sure readers got the message loud and clear: all women, including transwomen, are welcomed.

“If you’ve read Nubia & the Amazons #1, the answer to your burning question is yes, there are trans-Amazons,” tweeted co-writer Stephanie Williams. “One of the newest Amazons is a Black trans woman.”



Notice how they put a letter E in the word Latin, rather than say, Latina with a letter A? Is that some new propaganda tactic meant to dumb down intelligence in community descriptions, along with invalidating women of Latina background? That’s just simply awful.


In Nubia & the Amazons, the transwoman who graces the pages of the comic book goes by the name Bia. She lives on Themyscira, the same island nation Wonder Woman calls home. Creators of Nubia & the Amazons want comic book fans to know that Bia is far from a token character. “Bia will have a role on Themyscira beyond just existing,” Williams tweeted. “She isn’t set dressing. She isn’t a box to tick. She’s a fully-fledged character that is important to her community.”


And “she” isn’t a biological woman, right? Looks like what we have here is another excuse to jam in as much far-left ideology as possible into the script, and much like the case of the new, bisexual son of Superman, this too is another contradiction of the whole idea Warner Brothers doesn’t want its merchandise prospects embarrassed by ideology, which they pathetically claimed in their marketing of Batman and Catwoman. Obviously, they seem to think that, if this is all conducted within spinoff stories, they can get away with this, even though all products are affected and the ideology basically rubs off on all else. This is simply not acceptable. It additionally makes it look as though the Amazons are wrong to want their island to be a girls-only club.

And there we have another DC product with far-left ideologues helming it, proving in addition that, while they may have gotten rid of some more recent employees hired when Dan DiDio was in charge, they’re still fully intent on employing more of the same, no matter how badly it affects their overall image.

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