Walt Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge Flop: Part Deux

History repeats itself at Galaxy’s Edge.


SJWs are incapable of learning from history because they’re utterly ineducable.  It’s why they keep beating their “collective” heads against a brick wall, trying to transform IPs that were enjoyed predominately by males and some females, into franchises that appeal more to a larger group of females.  They do this despite the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toyline teaching us the disaster that happens when companies attempt to do this, 30 years ago.  It simply doesn’t work no matter how much they want it to, and no matter how much they think it should.  Like it or not, it’s just the way the world works.


This, of course, is evidenced in Star Wars with everything from diminishing toy and merchandise sales, the box office disaster of Solo, the Blu-Ray sales nosedive, the comic book sales drops, and on and on.  10-year-old Billy won’t think something is cool if his middle-aged mother is wearing a T-Shirt of it.  Again, it’s just how the world works.


Readers may recall, how Hollywood Reporter breathlessly reported on Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge being packed to capacity on opening day.



Well, as readers of this blog now know, Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland turned into a ghosttown and is now being labeled a flop.


But that wouldn’t stop the very same writer from the Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Parker, from writing the exact same breathless article about Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World.



And of course, many other legacy media outlets followed the same example.


Well guess what, buttercup?


The Orlando Sentinel reports:


About 6 a.m., the line to ride the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run stretched outside Galaxy’s Edge, all the way to the Chinese Theater, by the stairs leading to Toy Story Land, said Len Testa.

“Cast members were fantastic. Everyone was telling you were to line up. No one was grumpy,” said Testa, who runs Touring Plans, a guide for Disney vacations. “The guests weren’t grumpy because of that.”

It was a different world than Disneyland, which required advance reservations. Testa said he just walked straight in on its opening day.

In Orlando, some waited five hours to ride the Millennium Falcon, although the line wait time fell to 2 1/2 hours by lunch. It was only 75 minutes by early evening. Throughout the rest of the land, the main walkways were open, although lines formed to buy a $6 Coca-Cola shaped like a thermal detonator and at the more expensive shops.


It’s like poetry, it rhymes!


So much for the August predictions from that Disney Shareholder.


Thanks to Jeremy at Geeks + Gamers for the tip, who comments on this hilarity.



Galaxy's Edge Opens At Walt Disney World - People Are Already Losing Interest


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