Further Evidence The CW’s Supergirl TV Series Won’t Age Well


The Supergirl TV series may be gone from the CW network now, but as this Newsbusters entry from last year makes clear, the political conduct of the show’s cast is one more reason why it’s tarnished and won’t age well:


Arkansas: Don’t let kids who are too young to make life altering decisions make any life altering decisions. Celebs: Arkansas wants to “hurt kids.”

For what seems like and is the safest option for kids who think they were born in the wrong body and want to chop off their genitals, Arkansas’ HB 1570 law has come into quite the controversy. Recently, a lot of the cast of CW’s Supergirl has taken it upon themselves to demand transgender youth be able to get sex changes … because their job as actors just isn’t enough.

On April 6, the Associated Press broke the news that Arkansas is the “first state to ban gender confirming treatments and surgery for transgender youth.” Essentially, those under age 18 will not be allowed puberty blockers, hormone treatments, or sex reassignment surgeries since they are minors and can’t even decide what they want to do as careers, never mind which gender they should be. To no one’s surprise, Bounding into Comics reported how these Supergirl actors spat their disapproval on the legislature (FYI, none of these actors live in Arkansas or are children).


And maybe the most notorious example of a cast or crew member who took part in this political activism is a veteran actor who’d previously played a role in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace 35 years ago:


Straight white male Jon Cryer, whose character in the series is not gay or trans, took the next step and blamed Republicans in general for Arkansas’ passing of the bill. The last name fits the narrative for this crying baby.


And now he’s made the live action movie that buried the Christopher Reeve Superman film franchise for nearly 2 decades even more insufferable than ever. In addition, the vicious political activism of much of the cast and crew alike for the Supergirl TV show has seen to it that the show will not be remembered fondly by realists. I may have said it before, and will again – it’s a terrible shame a famous DC cast member’s been exploited in many ways for pushing this awful ideological garbage down everyone’s throats, regardless of whether it alienates audiences.


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