Forbes Writer Blames the Fans for Disney’s Star Wars Struggles


Scott Mendelson is Scott Mendelson, so there’s not much sense in going over everything he writes.  But this paragraph stood out in his latest piece:


Disney is now also at “square one” in terms of how to get audiences and fans excited about Star Wars movies again. Now, that was always going to be a challenge after the Skywalker Saga wrapped up, since the next Star Wars movies presumably won’t involve the core Skywalker/Solo characters. But Disney’s Star Wars franchise is now A) on the defensive, B) in a position of having much of their prior goodwill erased as a result of a deeply compromised (and seemingly crafted to appease YouTube trolls and/or potentially disingenuous alt-right mobs) “series finale.”


Well Scott, we don’t find “YouTube Trolls” or “disingenuous alt-right mobs” listed in the credits for The Rise Of Skywalker.



Boy, when these SJWs find an adjective they like such as “disingenuous” they just can’t stop parroting it.  And remember back when the word “troll” was used to describe someone who was deliberately causing trouble in a discussion forum?  Now it’s used by morons like Mendelson to describe anyone whose opinion deviates from his own.


When Scott says “deeply compromised” what he really means is that it lacks the moronic social justice political lectures that he likes to have repeated back to him in order to validate is own political beliefs.  Apparently, The Rise Of Skywalker didn’t deliver the same kind of political jerk-off session for him.



It never occurs to Scott that maybe any potential course correction was in response to The Last Jedi’s historic 2nd-weekend box office drop.  Or the waning toy and merchandise sales.  But not to worry Scott, I’m sure that the appeal of Star Wars is merely becoming more selective.


appeal more selective


Some great comments from Clownfish TV here:


Forbes: Star Wars is DEAD and the Fandom Killed It?!



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