Feminist Anita Sarkeesian Demands Star Wars Not Include Boobs

You can almost hear the wind whistling through her ears.


Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist something or other, famous for being a feminist something or other. Well she’s not too happy with the armor for Wahmandalorians.



This happened before back in 2015 when someone remarked on the Star Wars Facebook account that Phasma’s armor didn’t look very feminine. Despite marketing proudly bragging about the femaleness of this stormtrooper character, the Star Wars Facebook account responded that it didn’t have to look feminine just because it was on a female. So basic anatomy and geometry were ignored in favor of feminist hyperbole, just as it is here.


But we can help Anita by taking her through some remedial slides to help her understand that anatomy and geometry actually override worthless hyperbole. First, we have an image of an average woman.


Next, we have the side view of a male Mandalorian wearing his armor.

Now what happens if we take the male Mandalorian’s chest piece, and place it onto the female?


Do you see the problem?


Not only is the male chest plate not large enough to accommodate the geometry of the female breasts, but the male pectorals are also higher up on the body and closer to the shoulders. The male chest plate not only wouldn’t fit properly on a female and be uncomfortable, but it would probably hurt as well. Forcing such a fit might be reminiscent of Chinese foot binding.


But the SJW concept of perfect gender equality overrides common sense and reality. Feminists are so concerned about anything that might moderately accommodate the “male gaze” that anything even remotely resembling the female form sends them into a tizzy. It could be that feminists are just angry that they’re not men. But I digress.


This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise given that many SJW women apparently don’t know where their vaginas are located. Perhaps a trip to the “breast” entry on Wookieepedia is in order for Anita.


But the real lesson here is, no matter how much you try to please or appease SJWs, they’re never ever satisfied with anything.


Thanks to That Star Wars Girl for the tip.




Anita has a conniption fit over the response to her vapid observations:


Anita, no one is having a temper tantrum. We’re trying to educate you, as useless as the effort may be.


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