Feige Replacing Quesada as Marvel’s CCO; All Bad Apples Still Remain


Well, not that I expected any more positive changes anyway, but now it’s been announced that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, who’s already earning some notoriety for his plans to turn their movieverse more SJW-oriented, has been given a promotion he doesn’t deserve any more than Joe Quesada, who looks like he’s getting a vice-presidential promotion at their company:


In a reflection of his growing authority, Marvel president Kevin Feige has also been named the company’s chief creative officer, Disney announced Tuesday. The move puts the overall creative direction of Marvel’s storytelling and content creation across mediums including publishing, film, TV and animation under Feige. […]

The consolidation has been coming for some time. Marvel Entertainment’s chairman Ike Perlmutter had been moved away from any film input after Feige threatened to leave in 2015. And while Marvel’s TV shows on ABC have been consistently underwhelming, and its Netflix slate of shows cratered, Feige this summer took charge of the new slate of shows that will be appearing on Disney+. Those series will be tied to the wildly popular cinematic universe on which Marvel and Disney have been surfing on in recent years.

I honestly wonder what problem Feige could have with a guy as pretentious as Perlmutter happens to be? Probably just greed for what roles he had at the studio, coveting them all for himself, as could be expected from these inter-company rivalries. And lest we forget, some of the worst staffers are still there:


For the time being, Marvel Entertainment’s creative leads remain the same. Sana Amanat, vp content and character development; CB Cebulski, editor-in-chief and head of global editorial; and Stephen Wacker, vp creative and content development, will continue to report to Buckley. Joe Quesada, executive vp and creative director of Marvel Entertainment, also reports to Buckley.

Ah, so besides Quesada’s continuing shadow, there’s also propagandist Amanat and a pretentious staffer like Wacker to contend with. Buckley’s decidedly also bad, since he allowed much of Marvel’s disasters to happen after Bill Jemas left in 2004. The more things change, they remain the same, laced with nepotism. As expected, there’s nothing to look forward to here.



Avi Green

Avi Green

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