Featured Character: Crush, Daughter of Lobo

Due to the longer production time of my story spotlights lately, I’ve decided to introduce a new series of shorter videos to fill in the void between spotlights. This series is called “What I Think About…” where I talk about specific topics that either are too new to give a spotlight to or too broad to dedicate to. And for the inaugural video I will talk about one of the newest Teen Titans who has become a very strong character in her own right, Crush The Daughter of Lobo!

Introduced in Teen Titans (2016) #20 alongside other new characters Djinn and Roundhouse, Crush was introduced with a mysterious past and the only ties were obvious but still confusing. WHO did Lobo knock-up to conceive her?


That question…really didn’t matter since from the word “GO,” Crush has shown to be an interesting character. She’s strong yes, she’s in the team for seemingly selfish reasons, and she has a trigger temper that can lead to tantrums. But beyond all that, she is a legitimate good person.


As discussed in my Teen Titans #25 review, Crush had a good upbringing…well as good as one can have with hippie druggies as parents who were doing their best could raise her.


But the best part about her character I will say is…she is an open lesbian, but surprising in this day and age, that is NOT her defining trait at all! It’s important, sure, but not all she talks about! So come on in, check out my video, and see what I think about the daughter of the “Universes Biggest Bastich!”


What I Think About: Crush, Daughter of Lobo

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