Far Left Comic Creators Watch: Ron Marz is Back At It…

I’m not sure if far-left Ron Marz makes political comments as often as before, but, looking over his Twitter page recently, they’re still there, and here’s even more of them.


For instance:



He can think of little more than to declare the Republicans all deceivers, and worse. While excusing the biggest grifter of all, Joe Biden and other such Democrats.


Marz also posted the following about GOP congressman Matt Gaetz:



This would be a lot more convincing if men like Marz had anything critical to say about Hunter Biden, who’s been accused of serious misconduct as well, but alas, these left-wingers are so full of themselves, they never seem to say anything about their own side. Then again, doesn’t look like they’re concerned about the Lincoln Project founders either.


Oh, and look at how he answers somebody else indirectly:



With a picture of Obama, no less. Obviously his way of letting know how far to the left he leans.

I think I’ll also post this one, pointing to a page scan, probably from Wizard, where he justified his bad job dispatching Hal Jordan in Emerald Twilight:




Yup, more of the same vehement position, using an old guest article he’d written to justify his maltreatment of Hal in Emerald Twilight. In a 3rd Green Lantern series volume that I’ve long concluded was largely toxic. And the lady fair of Kyle Rayner was slaughtered and fridged just several issues after debuting, their whole pathetic idea of how to “motivate” the hero, even though for years after, Rayner never seemed to be paired up with an original “civilian” woman again. Just established characters like Donna Troy and Jade, an alien named Soranik Natu (a daughter of Sinestro, by the way), and I think even Carol Ferris, as though that alleviates all concerns Rayner was kept in a state of cardboard development. Most of this may have long changed, but the stench of the damage to GL still lingers to this day


Editor’s Note: Ron Marz is currently the Editor in Chief of Ominous Press. Learn more about them here.


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