Far Left Comic Creators Watch: Dan Slott’s Twitter Feed Is…

I don’t know how much Slott talks about politics lately, although some does seem to turn up here and there. First, here’s a post where he cites a Spider-Man short written by a shameful novelist:



So Slott’s not disgusted with Meltzer for penning Identity Crisis, what with its one-sided approach to the fairer sex, and its leftist metaphor for 9-11? Well, it’s not like Slott ever respected Mary Jane Watson as a character, so this may not be a surprise. There may have once been a time I’d thought most professional writers considered it wise to avoid association with Meltzer, but in all that time, it’s clear I was wrong.


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Now, here’s something Slott wrote that certainly involves a political topic, in a poll directed at foreigners:



Hmm, that part about “gun culture” sure is fishy. So all the USA has a culture, not a belief in the importance of self-defense, huh? I’ve seen here and there how some leftists like to make gun owners sound more like a nasty variation on Linus Van Pelt, treasuring his security blanket in the Peanuts comic strips as he did when it was in publication, and this is just more of the same mindset. Slott also ignores that a lot of Asian-Americans have been buying guns for self-defense following the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, and many Blacks have been too. So what’s Slott insinuating anyway?


And then, here’s something he said about his early writing efforts:



How ironic he should admit something he did in the past was shoddy, because some of the examples I’ve looked at from the start of his career were pretty pedestrian (including a short-story from the 1991-94 Wonder Man solo book), suggesting Slott was a most unfortunate choice of editors back in the day for writing assignments, and another poor writer elevated via nepotism to assignments he never deserved. I honestly think it’s a shame a notable artist like Kane had to work with him, but I do realize that back in the day, Slott could’ve been different, and at least had more common sense than today’s generation badly influenced by social media and such.


Now, however, things have changed, and not for the better.



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Avi Green

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