Fans of ‘Red Sonja’ Should Avoid the Writer’s Hate-Filled Twitter Feed



Here’s a number of comments made by writer Mark Russell, the far-left exploiter of Hanna-Barbera cartoons creations to suit his selfish agendas.


For example:



So he doesn’t want security keeping the neighborhood safe, I see, at a time when Portland, Oregon, the place where he may live, is being overrun with far-left extremists. Most fascinating.



So he not only buys into lies, by members of the Whisper Network, he even specializes in dishing out the same. And all the while, Scott Allie and Jason Latour were able to get away with their offenses, because people like Russell don’t care. And he takes Tom King’s side over Jae Lee’s, as does the artist responding. How predictable, and what a disgrace.



I seem to recall there was a moment when Biden sneezed into his hand during a debate with Bernie Sanders a few months ago. Even Jake Tapper found this troubling. Yet President Trump takes all the blame. How typical of somebody like Russell.



I don’t know how you persuade someone who abuses established properties for his rabid agendas why the liberal ideology isn’t something he should uphold.



I have to wonder if that’s a thinly veiled anti-semitic jab there, considering most of Madoff’s financial victims were also Jewish, and one of the biggest victims was Elie Wiesel’s foundation. But the good news is that nearly all of the money was recovered in over a decade since the scandal on Wall Street. Russell is the bad news. It doesn’t take too much to guess he’s anti-2nd Amendment, and likely not a fan of Charlton Heston, who was long a member of the NRA’s board.



Tell that to Bill deBlasio, who’s allowed thugs to destroy NYC, and China’s commies, who allowed the whole Corona crisis to metastisize in the first place. Also to Andrew Cuomo, who acted irresponsibly. You can’t run a good economy if the streets aren’t safe, and if certain autocracies aren’t willing to act responsibly.



And here he takes out a race card, resorting to all the now cliched assertions that the party of Abe Lincoln is irredeemably racist, and shows no gratitude for Lincoln’s stopping slavery in the 19th century. No mention of the legitimate issues that could be brought up, like Harris’ support for anti-2nd Amendment platforms, nor how Black/Latino voters don’t seem to find the Biden/Harris ticket appealing. Russell sure does like to float around in fantasyland.


Former NFL player Herschel Walker endorses Trump, says he is not racist

NFL athlete Herschel Walker disagrees with Mark Russell. 


This is why Russell’s not somebody whose work needs to be financed with my hard-earned money.
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