Fan Fiction? Disney+ Decides to Diminish ‘Bloba’ Fett’s ‘Dad Bod’

Bloba Fatt let himself go after the Sarlacc Pit.


Apparently the galaxy’s most fearsome bounty hunter put on some weight 5 years after escaping from the Sarlacc Pit.




Was this an official production or are these a bunch of cosplayers running around in a park? Did Jek Porkins come back – somehow?


Some will remark that people gain weight when they get older, forgetting that this is only 5 years after Return of the Jedi. And yes, they do. But the people who fet fatter generally tend to have diets of Cheetos and grape soda, have sat behind a desk for 30 years, and play video games on the weekend. A physically active bounty hunter or soldier would be unlikely to gain weight.


I understand if Temura [Morrison] didn’t have the time or the ability to train for this role, but they couldn’t even get a stunt double? For goodness sake Disney springs for a stunt double just so Brie Larsen can look like she has an ass.


Or was all of this intentional? Is this the “body positive” future of Star Wars, where the galaxy far, far away now has it’s very own fat Wonder Woman? If so, Ruin Johnson had a better idea:



Disney Slims Down Boba Fett


Disney is proud to announce a new poster featuring Boba Fett!



But something caught my eye. Here’s the poster by itself:



Here’s a stand up that was previously released of the same Boba Fett pose:



So what happens when we superimpose one image over the other? Take a look:



Do you see it? The images seem to match up pretty well, except for one area:



Someone at Disney isn’t pleased with Bloba Fatt’s dad bod.


Bantha Burgers pack on the pounds.


Robert Rodriguez Likens Mando Script To Fan Fiction


“At least it wasn’t written by Reylos.” ~Robert Rodriquez


Recently Director Robert Rodriguez spoke with Collider about his experience reading the script for his episode of The Mandalorian.


He went on to explain, “When I saw the script (on sent me the script) and it said ‘Boba Fett’ and ‘Darksaber’ and ‘Mando’ and ‘Fennec,’ I was just like, ‘This doesn’t even feel like a real script. It feels like a fan wrote this in a fever dream hoping that this would be an episode.’


You don’t say.


Thanks to SC Reviews for the tip.



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