Fake News – Bill Maher and Kevin Smith’s Free Publicity

Back in November, shortly after the death of Stan Lee, Bill Maher came out and dissed comic book fans all around. Fast forward to three months later and Bill Maher decides to pick the scab a little bit more.

Bill Maher decided to take the last six minutes of his late night talk show, Real Time with Bill Maher, and take shots at comic book fans, ‘Toy Collectors”, and even Kevin Smith. But, at what cost? What was the logic behind it? 

My brain went into into overdrive trying to figure out just why Bill Maher decided to comment three months later, but in my opinion, it comes down to one thing, free publicity. Whether the free publicity is for the lower ratings happening on Real Time With Bill Maher or the new Kevin Smith movie, controversy creates publicity. 

Bill Mahers Hate For Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Comic Books, and YOU!

Tristen Just

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