Facepalm: SJW’s Now Claim that “Star Wars Hates Women!!”

What happens when you attempt to satisfy the unsatisfiable? SJWs screeched demands equality of women in Star Wars when the franchise was sold to Disney. They got what they wanted, and now they’re furious that equality has led to women dying in war.


How wonderful would it be if the #swHatesWomen hashtag trended on Twitter on the same day that The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer dropped?


Kathleen Kennedy and her crack team of feminists have made so much progress in appealing to this new fanbase. And now the very new fanbase that Lucasfilm pandered is accusing Lucasfilm of hating women. The very same accusation that SJWs at Lucasfilm and in the Legacy media attacked critical fans with when all of this began. There’s so much circular schadenfreude in this glorious new hashtag that I’m positively spinning with delight.


And it’s all about the Boba Fett comic book that I recently wrote of.





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