‘Expanse’ Book Series Writers Threaten Cancellation Over Political Tweet


At times it becomes necessary to point out aberrant SJW behavior outside of the Star Wars sphere.


Enclosed within their own little expanse.


Fans of sci fi may be familiar with James S.A. Corey. It’s a pseudonym for the authors  Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck who write the Expanse book series that the popular Amazon television show is based on.



The James Twitter account posted the following:



Fair enough. A reasonable expectation from any supporter of a candidate. But Supergoodpixel had an equally reasonable response:


Given what we now know about Joe Biden thanks to Chinese dissident Lude, this would be a correct assessment. But instead of debate or discuss the matter with dialogue and/or discourse, the James Twitter account chose to post a veiled “cancellation” threat.


The duo behind the James Twitter account really ought to know better than this, given that it was the pull of the fans who have saved the Expanse from cancellation. Perhaps the pull of the fans in the opposite direction can cure these writers of their hubris. But I digress.


Others saw the public exchange and decided to respond. This led to the classic performative condescension that SJWs engage in when they aren’t able to articulate actual points. They can’t think of a good response to Supergood’s astute point, so instead they have to engage in a self aggrandizing circle jerk to convince themselves just how “evolved” and “grown” they are.



As you can see, it’s a way for the the SJW collective to stroke each other’s egos without having to actually address the point that was brought up. As we know, SJWs struggle with the basic definitions of words. So while they’re programmed to recite words such as “evolved” and “grown,” it’s painfully clear that they don’t understand the meaning of those words. If they did, then they would know that it’s the woke SJWs themselves who are the cockroaches. After all, that’s why SJWs like Joe Biden have to scurry into the dark basement when sunlight is shone on them.


Never worry about anything an SJW says, only pay attention to what they actually do. Evolved grown adults can handle contrary bellicose conversations. Triggered children block their way to rainbow covered safe spaces.


Evolved and grown.


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