Ewan McGregor Unnecessarily ‘Mansplains’ the Birds Of Prey Film

Birds of Prey finally released a trailer, and oh boy was it ALL ABOUT Harley Quinn. Harley took center stage as she ’emancipated’ herself from the Joker, and quickly started her rag-tag team of the “Birds of Prey”.


My biggest problem here is that the Birds of Prey, for one, originally never had Harley Quinn involved at all, and personally, I can’t even imagine the Bird’s of Prey without ‘Oracle’.  Not the mention that the plot leaks I’ve picked up on for this movie have been abhorrent. 


To top it off, we finally see Ewan McGregor in action, playing Black Mask. The actor just came out and stated in a recent interview that this film is not a feminist movie, but it will cover ‘every day misogyny’.  Excuse me?


In my video below, I cover why exactly this is NOT what I and most other DC and Batman fans wanted to see in this movie.


DCU | Ewan McGregor Talks Misogyny and Feminist Birds Of Prey | Gag Me With A Spoon!

Tristen Just

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