Even if Wally West Can Be Redeemed, DC’s Dan DiDio Cannot


CBR’s reported the reprehensible overlord of DC, Dan DiDio, babbled in a podcast about the 3rd Flash and former Kid Flash allegedly becoming an integral part of the DCU, without any guarantee he’ll be exonerated and all those characters wrongly put to death will be resurrected:


According to DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, Wally West is going to play a big part in the future of the DC Universe.

“It’s one of those books [that’s] very focused on an individual character, but has bigger ramifications through the DC Universe,” DiDio told DC Daily. He then went on to mention we will see West pop up in other stories as he goes along this journey for redemption.


A trip that’s not worth the time or money. Not when such a disgraceful man remains in charge. Now that I think of it, buying “Flash Forward” even only to see how it’s scripted would be very ill-advised, even if the nasty character deaths are reversed, because it’d only boost DiDio’s status at DC, something he doesn’t deserve. Plus, what’s the point of talking about ramifications if he won’t specify what they are?


The upcoming Flash Forward miniseries will feature six issues written by Scott Lobdell, with art from Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund. Picking up after the events of Heroes in Crisis, it will show the speedster as he tries to redeem himself for the part he played in killing several DC heroes.

As for the ending of the miniseries, DiDio teased, “There’s a reveal at the end that’s so important that will make Wally a very integral character in DC moving forward.”


Here’s what problematic: even if Wally’s declared innocent of the deaths of several characters at the end, something tells me they’re going to remain dead, as though sacrificial lambs simply have to be kept in place. Or, what if the big reveal is that Wally becomes a villain for real? Neither path is acceptable, any more than DiDio’s continued management, and his reliance on keeping everything a “surprise” is another source of irritation. Note he doesn’t actually even say the audience will be relieved with the finale. And then, to top it all off:


DiDio mentioned that, although Flash Forward stands alone, reading Heroes in Crisis beforehand might give readers a richer experience.


Well, I think this should make clear why the Lobdell-penned miniseries is best avoided. Anybody who blatantly promotes a tale as repellent as HiC in hindsight isn’t giving much reason to think he’s sincere in his intentions. I know that, following that debacle, the Flash series starring Barry Allen should be avoided, and so too decidedly should this miniseries. We can’t afford to be taken for a ride anymore by people lacking respect for their audience.

And again, it should be made clear that, if Geoff Johns had really intended to restore Wally West to a positive standing in the DCU, he would’ve reunited him with Linda Park straight out of the gate. If Johns never did so when he was writing his Rebirth mishmash, that should be saying something to the naive audience member who really thought Johns was going somewhere with his pretentious approaches. If DC wanted to jettison the kids, that’s one thing. But husband and wife is a concept that’s long proven workable, ever since Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman tied the knot in the mid-60s, and the way today’s millennials have set about tearing down even that is atrocious in the extreme.


For now, fans are strongly advised to avoid the upcoming miniseries and boycott DC, and continue calls for DiDio’s dismissal.


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Avi Green

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