Even if Flash Forward Rewrites Heroes in Crisis, it Doesn’t Excuse It

Bleeding Cool says that in the 2nd issue of Flash Forward, by Scott Lobdell, what was set up in Tom King’s reprehensible Heroes in Crisis has been rewritten, and Wally West’s lost children turn up, along with (hopefully) the other heroes killed in that prior revulsion:


That was Arsenal, Blue Jay, Commander Steel, Hot Spot, Lagoon Boy, Gunfire, Red Devil, Gnarrk, Nemesis, Protector, Solstice, Tattooed Man, and Poison Ivy. Wally West’s body was a fakeout and Poison Ivy was reborn via flower bud. But what of the rest?

Flash Forward #2 reveals that they all have massive duplicate stone heads on the original Dark Dimension version of Earth that refused to die and birthed the Batman Who Laughs. How could the Dark Dimension be linked to Heroes In Crisis? What caused him to freak out in the first place and kill all those people? In Heroes In Crisis, it was linked to his feeling broken by the dimensional and timeline loss of his wife Linda and their twin children, Iris and Jai.


It’s still not clear if the deaths of the heroes were reversed. And even if they are, paying money for this could still be risky. And no matter how this turns out, it doesn’t justify Tom King’s earlier abomination. I seem to recall some of the writers at DC ostensibly rewrote certain elements from Identity Crisis in 2005 for followup stories in books like Justice League, but does that make things any better? Of course not, because they clearly intended to script the first nasty product as they did when it went to press in 2004, lacking as it was in a female perspective on the grisly subject matter of sexual assault. When a story is as repellent as that, “changes” do nothing to counteract the bad stench left behind by the tale that started the mess to follow.

Maybe Lobdell does want to do the service for DC fans King didn’t, exonerate Wally and reverse the fates of those heroes turned into sacrificial lambs. But it’s no excuse for the preceding atrocity, which was also a huge waste of resources to begin with.


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Avi Green

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