Darth Envious: Failed Star Wars Writer Hates Gina Carano for Her Opinions

Doesn’t even flirt with reality.



It’s that time of year again when Chuck Wendig attempts to revise the history of his appropriate firing from Marvel.





No Chuck. You weren’t just being mean and vulgar. You were telling your political opposition to throw themselves into a wood chipper. Let’s review one of the few tweets you’ve ever deleted, once again:



Now go do something productive, such as writing a blog post mocking boycotts against your Marvel books.


Drunk3PO Comments:

Chuck Wendig Salty About Gina Carano's Rumored Spin Off Series


Ya Boi Zack comments:

VENGEFUL PETTY HORRORS- "Man Mountain" Chuck Wendig UNWISELY Targets "Delicate Flower" Gina Carano


Ryan Kinel comments:

Insane SJW Chuck Wendig Comes After Gina Carano | He's Jealous Of Her Star Wars Success!



Lucasfilm’s localization coordinator Kristen Hidalgo has a very special message for those who are upset by Gina Carano and Rosario Dawson continuing to be employed in The Mandalorian:




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