Entitlement in the Age of Victimhood

There are vast examples of what I would define as false narratives; savvy readers have little work than to simply navigate social media to see this in display. Optimism will drive our sights on the upcoming litigation that several culture icons have brought up against these self-labeled victims are experiencing, as an end to the toxic mentality that pop culture has experienced over the past years. From Richard Meyer’s lawsuit putting a spotlight on unfair business practices to Jeremy Hambly’s assault case, the toxicity of SJWs is being exposed to the masses.


The latest cases further expose those SJW terrorist tactics with the upcoming litigation being presented by Vic Mignogna as a result of the McCarthyst tactics he was forced to endure. These attacks orchestrated by a social media mob have resulted in his dismissal from various positions in the world of voice acting, not to mention how these demagogues have left his reputation in tatters. While the court of law will hopefully help these individuals receive due reparations for the crimes they have suffered, another side of the SJW sense of entitlement is being exposed to the public.


Take for example the current case involving former Empire cast member Jussie Smollett. While the veracity of the facts are still open for a jury of peers to decide in a court of law, the information that has been shared through the news networks is troubling. There are countless others with a much louder voice than me speaking about these, but I have yet to see anyone asking a more valid reason behind his actions. While we will eventually find out the facts behind the case, I am more interested in learning the reasons behind it. I want to get a straight (no pun intended) answer as to why he felt that he could get away with it. Kindest readers, I’m afraid that we already know the answer, which should frighten you as much as it scares me.

This is not the first time that I have written about SJW tactics, in fact my previous articles have given a grim warning as to what we should expect from these terrorists. While I have spent many nights inhaling fumes and glancing into my Nostradamus’ crystal ball, all roads seemingly guide me to the same place: entitlement. This culture has been shaped in multiple fashions to cater to those SJW feelings and points of view; there is a long list of failed business enterprises that can better highlight the consequences behind “Get Woke, Go Broke.” But even those numbers are not enough to satisfy the need for SJWs to exploit and destroy long standing traditional viewpoints. What is hilariously sad though is that even when those traditional viewpoints bend the knee to pacify their needs, it’s still treated as too little and even more is demanded, until those platforms are eventually bled dry.


Recently, Peter Simeti of Alterna Comics was swatted during a scheduled livestream. While understandably shook up from the experience, there were many voices that had indirectly poised this man as a target for such experience. Weeks before, multiple SJW accounts swarmed his social media pages in an attempt to drive him to leave the internet one way or another. When he confessed that this earlier attack drove him nearly to suicide, the SJWs took it as a small victory that embolden them to continue their attacks. The wanted Mr. Simeti to leave the internet one way or another, and as he would not end his own life the SJWs took it upon themselves to end it for him.

Edwin Boyette, a well-known supporter of the ComicsGate movement was also swatted only a few weeks later, and presumably for the same reasons as Mr. Simeti. If we take a close look at that specific instance, there will surely be similar names connected to it, from the very top of Marvel comics to an infamous cosplayer. There is no evidence directly linking those names to the swatting attacks, however it is interesting to see the connection between those two attacks and the outspoken voices within SJW media. The same voices that see themselves as above the law. The same voices that would resort to terrorist tactics like: mobilizing an online mob to destroy reputations, to destroy business partnerships, to drive people to commit suicide or be killed by law enforcement agencies.

These are people that see themselves as above us law-abiding citizens, and yet we are the people that see the fallacy of our current laws as not representing them enough. People like Mr. Smollett who think that their own gains must come before the laws of the land, simply because they are entitled to a higher level of protection from those laws we all must follow to function in our society. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that it took less than 6 hours for me to be proven right regarding this age of victimhood. I had made an observation regarding a very famous World War 2 photo depicting a sailor as he dips a nurse and plants a kiss on her in celebration of the end of hostilities. This was a well documented photo, where the people involved had been interviewed multiple times and neither one made any claims that would signal any sexual assault claims. Yet, after the passing of the gentleman involved in the picture, a cavalier SJW took it upon themselves to deface the monument that depicted this historical photo, something that I had alluded would surely happen.

With the inclusion of female soldiers into combat roles, something that SJWs have been demanding for many years, came the question of Selective Service and the demand that women be forced to register to it as men have for years. There is outrage regarding this demand, women want to be included in the defense of their country, something which I wholeheartedly support. Yet, when given the opportunity to do so as so many males have for decades, there is a sudden shift in that mentality. Once again, this is caused by that mentality of entitlement that has been accepted in our culture. While we can try to put the blame on those darn Millennials, the sad fact is that the great majority of them are just as sick and tired of it as the rest of us.


Entitlement has brazen these SJWs into thinking that they can do no wrong, that they have our best interests at heart as they drive the hate-filled spear into our sides. Optimism will blind us to hope that these are the last bits of news that will destroy once and for all the SJW mentality, but that’s what scares me. The more light we bring to them, the more insidious they will become in their tactics. It is clear we cannot play with the same rules as these SJWs. They tend to try to change the game being played as soon as they find themselves at the losing end of logic. Unless we are prepared to treat the SJWs like fungi, no amount of legislation will rid them from our hobbies, or from our social media platforms. Silence is the catalyst that allows evil to exist – ego. Ego is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity. Make the medicine harsh in its taste, and the illness will be less pleasing to acquire.

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Michael Gutierrez

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