Emerald City Comic Con & PAX West Both Cancelled Amid Seattle Rioting & COVID-19


Q13-Fox reports that Emerald City Comicon and PAX’s management have called off their conventions for this year due to worries about Coronavirus:


Organizers with Emerald City Comic Con and PAX West announced Tuesday that both events are cancelled this year. The main reason, according to organizer ReedPop, is because of concerns over COVID-19.

A statement on the ECCC event website reads in part: “Because of this, and after many discussions with the convention center, exhibitors, artists and fans, we have made the excruciating yet necessary decision to cancel Emerald City Comic Con 2020 in Seattle.”

ECCC typically brings in close to 100,000 visitors each year. Originally, the event was scheduled for March, but with the outbreak just starting in the region at the time, organizers had pushed it back to August.

The decision to cancel outright however will have an economic impact in the region.

Michael Nazar, owner of Phoenix Comics, said he depends on the foot traffic the convention brings in each year to increase his business’ revenue.

“I’ve been watching other conventions cancel. And to have a convention as large as Emerald City and then delay and then cancel didn’t surprise me. I was a little sad,” said Nazar.


What if the decision also stems from the post-George Floyd riots that have impacted Seattle as much as several other areas around the USA? At this moment, right around the corner from ECCC, there’s several neighborhoods in Seattle that have been taken over by Antifa and BLM activists while police patrols are almost non-existent. It’s gotten to the point where a car lot’s owners were attacked for detaining a trespasser while police took no action. That’s already likely to have an economic impact as well. And who knows how many chain infections of Corona occurred while all these riots took place? For now, when there’s a serious case of mafia violence going on very close by, valid worries can be brought up that it might impact the comics conventions as well, and that’s another reason why these 2 conventions might’ve been cancelled, even if it wasn’t mentioned.

The ECCC is going to hold a virtual convention, and NBC’s San Diego branch reported the SDCC management’s going to run one too, although they say:


…Many fans are hoping that Kevin Feige will come out with a surprise Marvel Studios panel, which could happen, even though they were scheduled to skip this year after tearing the house down last summer.


Oh, who needs to hear about Feige? After he announced the Marvel movie machine was going to go woke, whatever he’d have to announce is nothing to get excited about. Maybe that’s why the cancellation of these events is nothing to be too disappointed about.



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