Elijah Wood Channels Upset Star Wars Fans Over Novelization Retcons


Many fans have said that they don’t like being bilked into buying the Rise of Skywalker novelization, just for an explanation of what happens in the movie.  And back in 2018, Timothy Zahn told The Verge that this was a bad idea.


The entertainment industry is no longer just about books or movies — it’s about overarching, coordinated multimedia IP. How important do you think it is to the fan experience to have that coordination, versus “Here’s another adventure in this world”? It feels like these franchises are far more heavily geared toward fans than before.

My feeling is, they don’t have to all interconnect with everything. But if you have a standalone game, it should fit the continuity. You shouldn’t have Captain America in two places at the same time, for example. But you also have to be careful: you cannot have something unexplained in a movie, and then explain it the novelization. It’s not fair to the moviegoer that they’d have to find out the details of this unexplained thing somewhere else. Now, you can deepen what’s going on, but the movie should be its own experience.


And at least one Mr. Frodo Baggins is not going somewhere else to find out the details of that unexplained thing in The Rise of Skywalker.






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