Educational Curriculum in India Being Developed Around Comics

News18 in India spoke about some educational comics produced for social issue teaching, including on internet software. It says:


Union Minister of Education Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has launched over 100 comic books created by teachers of CBSE affiliated schools and curated by NCERT. These books aim to imbibe cultural and social sensitivity in school children. These comic books are aligned to chapters of NCERT textbooks across classes 3-12 have been developed as innovative pedagogical resources, claims CBSE. The comic books have been developed for 16 subjects by teachers of various CBSE-affiliated schools across the country.

The comics are aligned with the topics of NCERT textbooks and have specific storyline and characters which students and teachers can relate to. Some of the key features of these comics are divided into smaller topics supported by worksheets and it dovetails with the learning objectives and outcomes. The books also include application-based examples to understand concepts and decrease the learning gaps, as per the board. These comics also aim to address issues of gender sensitivity, women empowerment, value education among other life skills.


I hope this means teaching boys how to be respectable to the fairer sex, because this is something seriously lacking in today’s western environment, where boys are not taught proper manners with girls, and there has been a rise of sexual violence over the past decade, due to poor parenting and lack of proper education for mutual respect between the sexes. If the liberal-dominated western schools aren’t willing to rethink their education system and what went wrong, they won’t make any improvements. So let’s hope the comics for social issues produced in India are built upon some positive values that’ll make things better.

Update: since we’re on the topic of education, here’s also an item from eSchool News about the benefits of using comics for learning.



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