Eating Their Own: Bad Robot Apparently Wants To “Dismantle” J.J. Abrams

Bad Robot, the company that produced The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker, recently tweeted out the following absurd virtue signal.





This is an actual document produced by Bad Robot, and presumably not satire.


Here’s the Table of Contents. Perhaps these brainiacs ought to add the word “glossary” to their vocabulary.


Most of it consists of links to worthless fringe left articles filled with the kind of garbage knowledge that they feed kids at university. But this is particularly interesting:





No. We are not, as a country, grappling with the result of hundreds of years of systemic racism and state-sanctioned violence against black people. Rather, what we are grappling with instead, is hundreds of years of systemic racism and state-sanctioned violence against black people from the Democratic Party, not as a country. You can read all about that here. And yes, that fully takes into account The Great Southern Strategy Switcheroo Myth.


But let’s go ahead and acknowledge history anyway. J.J. Abram’s history is of the white guy who demands an end to white comfort from the comfort of his own Palisades mansion.


This guy, who boldly stated to Metro:


Have you been doing more at Bad Robot to help solve this issue?

“Very much so. To see that women and people of color have been so systematically marginalized in the process of just being considered for jobs, let alone the hiring process. Many times they wouldn’t even been on the list for potential hiring.”

“One of the things that Katie, my wife, and I did at Bad Robot is start a process where our agency was asked to only give us lists that only represent the makeup of the country so we could see people who typically would not be there. Whether that’s people or women of color.”

“And it was fascinating how that began to change the conversation. It has been very important to us at Bad Robot, and something that I don’t feel remotely deserving of an award for.”

“Because I feel that on a fundamental humanistic level it is simply fair. And also on a business level it is simply smart for business. It is a benefit everyway that you look at it.”


And yet, he wasn’t the change he wanted to see. He never stepped aside from The Rise Of Skywalker to let a woman of color replace his own bleach white ass.


After all, JJ Abrams is the white guy who made his leading black character a mop wielding janitor, a throwback to tokenism and minstrelsy.





JJ Abrams is the white guy that put out a poster to appease the racist communists in China.




So Bad Robot, if you really want to fight white supremacy, then you need to start cleaning out your own house first, and fire JJ Abrams. Let’s be ultra crystal clear on that fact.




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