DUH? A Peoples’ History – Issue #1

There was some mewling on the inter-webs the first of this month about some kind of “alt-right Nazi, half-Asian racist” guy named Peter that no one want’s to work with and who is supposedly… “a moron”…or something? 


Me: “Hey Peter, what’s up on that print run?”

Peter Simeti: “It’s a big list. Here goes…”

Trespasser # 1,2,3 SOLD OUT



The Chair # 1,2,3,4  SOLD OUT

Mother Russia # 1 & 3 SOLD OUT

Adam Wreck #SOLD OUT

Amazing Age # 1-4 SOLD OUT

Lilith Dark # 1-4  SOLD OUT

The Wicked Righteous # 2,3,4 SOLD OUT

Blood Realm # 1 &2 SOLD OUT

Go West #SOLD OUT 


Metaphase # 1 & 2 SOLD OUT

Peter Simeti: “There’s more that are close to selling out too…”

Me: “Thank you Peter and I’m sorry to bother you for that.”

Count that up.

That’s 27 books over 13 titles so far and of course – no where near done.

So absolutely,  the NPCs trench mob  should keep it up with the make believe;

you know, the way children do…

There is no “movement” against them.  

They’ve all been left behind – that’s what growing up is.

Some of us are just pointing and laughing at the crow bags.


BANNER IMAGE – http://www.thefrontpageonline.com/op-ed/duh-if-only-i-had-thought-first

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