DC’s Year Of The Villain: Joker by John Carpenter is… ‘Problematic’?

DC Comics’ Year of the Villain event, depending on what you buy, can be hit or miss. But when it was announced that John Carpenter was going to be writing the one shot for Joker, I personally was far beyond excited. This was going to be great, right?


I was absolutely amazed at how well he did, I even reviewed it here earlier this week. Horror director legend John Carpenter did and amazing job with this comic, encompassing every bit of crazy the Joker stood for.


But, of course as fans, we couldn’t enjoy it for too long without some in the shill media trying to paint it as ‘problematic’ and even ‘misogynistic’ because chaos ensued after the Enchantress didn’t want help from Joker and Six. In my video below I go through all this ginned up, fake outrage at what I think was a very good comic.



DC Comics | Joker by John Carpenter is PROBLEMATIC! | Dang Incel Misogynist!

Tristen Just

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