Does Disney’s The Mandalorian ‘Whitewash’ Original Boba Fett?

There’s no escape from mediocrity.


According to the following spoiler review from 4CHAN


Salt advised.


It’s good. Really, really fucking good. It took about ten minutes to realize the pilot is disjointed (I don’t think the rest of it will be) in that it’s set up like Memento. There is a story moving forward in the beginning intertwined by flash backs that start close to the beginning and move further in the past.

The Mando is super mysterious. He doesn’t tell anyone his name in the present or the flashback scenes. It opens like all good Star Wars things do, with a ship approaching a planet.

The Mando is tasked with securing “a package” and delivering the package to a fierce Imperial remnant. At the next to last sequence, the Mando discovers his “package” is a child, a little girl.

The flashbacks are what people will talk about. Throughout them you see the Mando assemble a crew, then later (but earlier chronologically) meet the contact who gives him the job, then just before this he gets arrested by stormtroopers who are trying to look for him that he owns easily until he hits his head on an overhang, then earlier he’s searching for something, a ship more than likely, then earlier he gets new armor, then earlier he’s in a big cantina brawl with other bounty hunters, then earlier he’s cloaked and retrieves the old dingy armor from a chest in an abandoned structure, and then the final shot of the episode is a zoom in on the Sarlacc pit and a hand emerging from below grasping onto the ground.

Had me hype. Can’t wait to see people’s reactions.


And the show Picard isn’t actually about Picard.  Rather, it’s about some girl who is the savior of everything that Picard has to protect and/or transport.  It seems we have a very similar plot here.


But if Boba Fett is alive, then why is he Pedro Pascal instead of Temuera Morrison?  Wouldn’t all of the pearl clutchers refer to this as “whitewashing”?



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