Do We Need Superheros with REALISTIC Body Styles?

The Insider recently posted an article, showing us exactly what superheroes would look like with more “realistic” body styles. And by more realistic, they mean chubby, a dad-bod, and even possibly pregnant? It makes little sense to me, but are more realistic body styles needed when it comes to the fantasy world of comics? Isn’t this a form of escapism that we should be able to enjoy? Some think not apparently. Some think this is giving young children negative body issues, but to how?

I personally think this is a form of idealized escapism, enjoyed and consumed by many, and shouldn’t be changed. I need to be able to enjoy this form of media, and not nitpick at non-issue unrelated to how we see ourselves. Below, I go through all my reasons in the accompanying video, along with even more of the pictures included in the article.  



Superheros With "Realistic" Body Styles | Chubby Heros To The Rescue!

Tristen Just

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