Diversity Alert: Rian Johnson Still Making Excuses for The Last Jedi


Rian Johnson was recently caught virtue signaling about diversity as though he were living in the 1960s. ComicBook.com reports:


Rian Johnson Has NSFW Response to Star Wars: The Last Jedi Diversity Haters

“If someone’s responding to diversity negatively, f— ’em,” Johnson said, prompting Evans to nod affirmatively and point. “If anyone didn’t like the movie, I’m not saying that’s why they didn’t like it… It wasn’t surprising at all to me, I grew up as a Star Wars fan. And I grew up- I was in my twenties when the prequels came out and this whole idea that it’s all been sunshine and roses and suddenly everybody’s yelling at each other is baffling to me.”


Mindless collective drone Chris Evans nodded in furious agreement to Rian’s brave and bold stance against anti-diversity comments that no one is making.


In order to see themselves as heroes, the SJW must fabricate a villain, either real or imagined.  This is a consistent oddity that seems to afflict all SJWs, whereby the SJW sincerely believes that they’re living in the 1960s, while engaging in some deeply smelly struggle for social justice folk hero status.  Despite the fact that women and “PoC” have been seen front and center in genre pictures for decades.  The character of Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor for instance, are over 40 years old.  As is Lando Calrissian and  Lt. Uhura.  Unfortunately, Hollywood SJWs still stupidly think that they’re blazing some kind of trail, even though they’re all on a decades-old well-worn beaten path.  This bizarre phenomenon deserves full-time study from the world’s best psychiatrists, and I mean that in all sincerity and without sarcasm or irony.


Johnson added, “And I feel like people care deeply about Star Wars, and every single person has a slightly different version of what they think Star Wars is. And so much of the fun of it is arguing about it. Since we were kids, right? On the playground, you’re yelling at your friends about who would win in a fight… It’s part and parcel about the passion of being a Star Wars fan.”


Yes.  Rian finds arguing about it so much fun that he blocks anyone who argues about it on Twitter.



But once again we find Rian attempting to shift the blame for his shoddy film craft, onto some purely imaginary complaints about diversity and other such nonsense.  We can only hope that Rian keeps up this pure idiocy to help drive even more fans away from the already doomed Episode IX.  Heck, Rian’s idiot mouth may turn out to be the best friend that the Fandom Menace ever had.


You can watch and listen to Rian make his moronic comments here:



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