Disney’s ‘Star Wars: The Resistance’ Seems Exclusively Female



Nothing says inclusion quite like exclusion.  Boys are excluded from Disney’s oh-so inclusive Rise of the Resistance trailer. 


Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance footage in new Galaxy's Edge trailer from D23 Expo 2019


John Talks discusses this story:



Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - Disney Goes FULL FEMALE with Rise of The Resistance Trailer



The main point I would add is in regard to all of the boys who grew up with Star Wars 40 years ago, who stood by the franchise through thick and thin throughout the decades, and who are now parents with their own children.  Why on Earth would these fathers want to expose their children, boy or girl, to an openly misandrous production that excludes boys and villainizes men? They wouldn’t.


And if that’s not enough for you, get a load of this video from Clownfish:



Disney STAR WARS is for WINE MOMS! Galaxy's Edge Opens in Orlando!



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