Disney’s Star Wars Canon Claims Rebels Displaced Peaceful, Flesh-Eating Wampas

The wampa practices mostly peaceful dismemberment before feeding.


SJWs expect real animals to be like the cartoon characters that they watch on television. So when they’re modeling fantasy based animals in a fictional world, they base those models on their cartoon understanding of the Animal Kingdom.


This is evident in the short story Hunger by Mark Oshiro in the Star Wars anthology book From A Certain Point Of View Strikes Back.


Sy Fy Wire writes:



Our exclusive comes from “Hunger,” penned by Mark Oshiro, the award-winning author of Anger Is a Gift and Each of Us a Desert. Set on the icy world of Hoth, the story is told from the perspective of the wampa that attacked and nearly ate Luke. While we don’t want to get too deep into spoiler territory, we will say that Oshiro provides a specific reason for the attack and effectively turns the shaggy snow beast into a rather tragic figure. Next time you see Luke slice the thing’s arm off with his lightsaber, you may feel a twinge of pity for the abominable snowman of the galaxy far, far away.

In terms of staying with the franchise canon, the author was able to rely on established resources while forging his own set of rules:

“There’s material that does exist that addresses the presence of wampas in the caves below the Hoth rebel base. For example, there are some pretty cool deleted scenes that were meant to show us wampa attacks on the base while the Rebels were there. That was one of two things that inspired the story. That’s technically an established story and so, I wondered why the wampas would attack humans. I did a lot of research and there is a lot, which was super helpful in establishing them as a sort of apex predator on Hoth. All that went into how I approached the ‘mindset’ of a wampa. Star Wars means a lot to me, so I actually wanted to create something that felt very much like it belonged in the world.”

“That’s the idea I ran with. Let’s dig into the wampa’s hunger: how did it come about? So, I connected the two dots: Why are the wampas attacking people on the base? Why was that one so hungry? The whole story came together pretty quickly,” Oshiro continues. “The joy of the first From A Certain Point of View anthology was how incredible it was to have a scene given a new context with a different perspective. I wanted to show that the wampas’ desire for home, family, and sustenance — things humans can relate to — were accidentally threatened by this very moral act. We obviously want the Rebels to win, and they had a good reason to hide on Hoth. Yet sometimes, even with the purest intent, we hurt other people. In this case, the Rebels displaced a family and had no idea.”


You can read an except of the short story at Sy Fy Wire.


SJWs perceive any animal with fur as a cute and cuddly denizen of a Rankin/Bass production. Take for instance the woman who thought she could pet the cute and cuddly polar bears back in 2009 at the Berlin Zoo.



Here was the inevitable result of reality meeting an activist:



Most accounts say that the reason the woman jumped into the water was unknown, but one onlooker remarked:


“She must have thought it was Knut and that he would be friendly – instead he pounced on her in the water and seemed to grab her neck in his jaws.”


The SJW seeks to impose this misunderstanding of the Animal Kingdom onto the fantasy beasts they write about.


And unfortunately, it appears that Mark Hamill played a role in inspiring this ridiculous short story according to Sy Fy Wire.


Oshiro also credits Mark Hamill with giving him the idea for the story: “In late 2017, he made a comment on Twitter that when he filmed the iconic scene, he was told that his lightsaber ‘would simply singe fur [to] scare him off.’ He more or less said it was out-of-character that Luke would be that cruel to a creature that was simply hungry.”



Mark is a well known, left-wing moonbat, so the actor probably would prefer to get mauled by the wampa. But a genuine farmboy, though naive in some ways, would be well versed in hunting and be familiar with the habits of the wild beasts around him, in a way that city slickers would not be. So Luke almost certainly would have saved his own life by doing whatever he had to, particularly if he was already under threat of hypothermia.


That kind of realism is what made genuine Star Wars somewhat believable, whereas Disney Star Wars shatters suspension of disbelief routinely with this kind of silliness.


We can only hope that Del Rey doesn’t publish a certain point of view from Jaws.


Jaws desires home, family, and sustenance.

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