Disneyland Beginning to Compromise The Park’s “Sequel Only Policy”

Recently I wrote about a rumor posted by a Reddit user that claimed Galaxy’s Edge had a “Sequel Trilogy Only” policy.  Rebel Force Radio recently discussed rumors that Star Tours was slowly removing Original Trilogy material.

The version of Darth Vader that you’re likely to meet at Disneyland.


But if there is any truth to those rumors, then Disney and Lucasfilm may be compromising those policies at some of their vacant attractions.


Disney News Today reports:

Darth Vader Meet and Greet Replacing Kylo Ren at Star Wars Launch Bay in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Starting August 29th

Disney has announced that starting August 29, a new Darth Vader meet and greet will be coming to the Star Wars Launch Bay. With Kylo Ren actively searching for resistance spies on Batuu, it seems his… grandfather will be taking his place. With the exception of March of the First Order, which met its end on July 6th, all other existing Star Wars offerings will remain in the park for guests to enjoy while “off planet” (as opposed to on Batuu.)


Of Kylo Ren touringplans.com mentions this:

It appears that Kylo Ren, who previously met at the Launch Bay will be exclusively found in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, once the land officially opens on August 29.

Get ready to be treated to live dialogue like this:




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