Disney Wars: Was Bob Chapek Fired in a Woke Proxy War?


Disney’s board of directors may face a proxy battle from its shareholders. Nelson Peltz, an investor and activist, has spearheaded the fight from the outside in recent months, first to address the company’s poor performance, then to remove new CEO Bob Iger, before reversing course to focus on Disney’s self-inflicted injuries. Peltz’s goal throughout his assault has been to obtain his own seat on the Disney board. Peltz is now working to assemble a group of stockholders to oppose Iger’s intentions for the company, while Iger is forming his own coalition of executives and investors in order to secure his position as CEO and encourage growth in the media behemoth.


As That Park Place reported last week, the latest Walt Disney Company Annual Stockholder Preliminary Report filed on January 17th, 2023 with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), there is more coming to light regarding not only the fight between billionaire investor Nelson Peltz of the Trian Management Group, but also his relationship to the final days of terminated, former Disney CEO Bob Chapek.


As Valliant Renegade reported.


How were the then-restored Disney CEO Bob Iger and Disney Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy involved along with other players like Ike Perlmutter, Chairman of Marvel Entertainment?

This story is continuously compounding at every possible turn, twisting into an apparent web of tangled deception and corporate backstabbing.Nelson Peltz has a history of being a massive fundraiser for the very types of politicians that many would believe a man like Robert Iger would not favor. Peltz also seemed very adamant that Bob Chapek’s tenure at Disney needed to be secured to turn the company around over time, and it was Ike Perlmutter (Marvel) who feared that if Mr. Peltz of Train was not put on Disney’s Board of Directors, Bob Iger would regain power in the House of Mouse.


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If the shareholders remain displeased with Disney’s performance in March, Peltz might organize a vote of no-confidence against Iger. This would change how the company is governed and put a stop to Iger, who is currently grooming a successor for the end of his two-year contract. Meanwhile Peltz has said the newly appointed Disney chairman is little more than a rubber stamp for the status quo at Disney.


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What would you like to see happen to the leadership board at the House of Mouse? Do you think they’ll lessen the “woke” content, or triple down?

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