Disney Insider Explains Why CEO Iger Is “Livid” With Lucasfilm

This is in regards to previous posts made by WDW Pro at wdwmagic, which stated that Disney heads Bob Iger and Bob Chapek were livid over the announcement of Lucasfilm’s hiring of Leslye Headland by Kathleen Kennedy. In a previous blog post I speculated that the cause for concern might be the Weinstein lawsuit that Bob Iger is currently involved in. Turns out, I may have been right.


Bounding Into Comics is reporting on more posts from WDW Pro, who essentially confirms what I had suspected.



It’s true that at least some of the tweets deleted by Headland were related to Weinstein. Here are three that were printed in Vulture.



But I have to wonder, WDW Pro says this:


And while you might think the hundreds of social media posts she had disappear in conjunction with the Variety leak were all lewd things, the truth is they were often loving, over-the-top endorsements of Weinstein.


So how does WDW Pro know the nature of the deleted content? Hmm…


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