Disney Insider Accidentally Reveals Spoilers Star Wars: The High Republic

A Reddit user has recently posted some High Republic spoilers, which apparently come from Disney Insider Ep. 7. This one concerns the Drengir.



According to the Reddit user, the text in the image reads:


The Drengir

A fearsome and carnivorous plant based species that will serve as a red herring for the Nameless during the first phase of storytelling. The Drengir will be positioned as a legitimate threat over the first half of Phase I as they kill Mygorgo the Hutt and spark an interplanetary gang war. However, they are a smokescreen for the real enemies of Phase I (their name literally an anagram of Red Herring). We will see them wiped out around the time of the Republic Fair, by the real threat—the Nihil. The Drengir have played into Marchion Ros hands, distracting Starlight Jedi long enough for the Nihil to gather their various cells and tribes into a fleet.


The Reddit user also writes:


Claudia Gray writes in Master and Apprentice: “Only through sacrifice of many Jedi will the Order cleanse the sin done to the nameless.” It seems from this quote and the above description the Nameless will be the High Republic “Palpatine” and the end of Phase 3 will show the Jedi triumph over the Nameless, but at a cost of who they once were as a Order.

Also as far as the second picture it would seem the Nihil are planning a huge attack after the YA novel Into the Dark which will be the height of Phase I?


The Drengir was supposedly the answer to the question, “What scares the Jedi?” Apparently a plant that could be taken out with a weed whacker scares them in DisCanon.


But wouldn’t a better answer to that question be, the inability to access the Force? Many of the Jedi’s powers come from being able to access the Force. Without being able to access it, they wouldn’t be able to perform many of their functions and in many cases would be left defenseless. So wouldn’t a species capable of creating some kind of anti-Force bubble for about 20 or 30 feet out from the being, scare the Jedi more than weeds? It would be an adversary that they would have to fight without the Force as their ally. Just a thought.


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