Disney Flaunts Its “Giving Spirit” as They Furlough Their Staff


Disney bosses praised their own ‘GIVING SPIRIT’ just two days after laying off at least 100,000 workers and keeping $1.5 billion for bonuses.


From Daily Mail:


EXCLUSIVE: Disney bosses praised their ‘GIVING SPIRIT’ just two days after furloughing 100,000 workers and keeping $1.5 billion for bonuses – while food banks near their theme parks are overwhelmed

Disney sent out an email last Tuesday boasting about its ‘giving spirit’ and said it had sent ‘646,000 pounds of food to provide 538,600 meals for families in need’ close to its Florida theme park

The email came as the company stopped paying 100,000 employees this week as its parks and hotels around the world remain closed but is protecting executive bonuses and dividends, which have totaled $1.5 billion

DailyMail.com saw over 1,200 cars lining up for food handouts laid on by the Orange County Food Bank outside a branch of IKEA in Costa Mesa – just 15 miles from California’s Disneyland

Cast members working at Disneyland say they feel let down by the company as they await unemployment checks and one food bank CEO says he’s bracing for a ‘surge’ in demand

‘I don’t think they’re trying to do a lot for their cast members. They do a lot for their executives, they don’t do a lot for the people that do a lot of the grunt work,’ one furloughed employee told DailyMail.com



Meanwhile according to The Daily Beast:


Disney Heiress Reams Execs for Hoarding Bonuses While Furloughing Workers Amid COVID-19

Walt Disney Co. has furloughed nearly half its workforce—while its leadership has protected executive bonuses and dividends totaling more than $1.5 billion.

Walt Disney Co. heir Abigail Disney has once again slammed the company’s management—this time for its handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday the Financial Times reported that the company will stop paying more than 100,000 employees across its theme parks—nearly half its workforce—to save roughly $500 million per month. Meanwhile, however, the company has protected executive bonus schemes that, per the Times, typically amount to roughly $1.5 billion.

Abigail Disney, Walt Disney Co. co-founder Roy Disney’s granddaughter, pilloried the move in a lengthy Twitter thread Tuesday, which began with a succinct summation: “WHAT THE ACTUAL F***?????”

“Look, dividends aren’t ALL bad, given the number of fixed income folks who rely on them,” Disney granted. “But still 80% of shares are owned by the wealthiest 10%. So that excuse only goes so far.”

And the real outrage, she said, was the bonuses—which could pay for three months’ salary for frontline workers, despite the fact that execs “have already been collecting egregious bonuses for years.”


Good times for the Bobs!



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