Disney+ First Cancellation: Declines to Renew ‘The Right Stuff’

Not everything Disney+ touches is gold. The streaming service has decided not to order a second season of The Right Stuff. According to Deadline, the Mercury 7 period drama, which stars Patrick J. Adams and Jake McDorman, started off as a National Geographic series before launching as a Disney+ original last October. This is the first scripted series cancellation for Disney+.


But not all hope is lost for the series as Warner Bros Television is said to be shopping it for a new home with the Warner Media TNT and HBO Max being the most logical targets. The cast options are supposed to expire today, but WBTV has asked for a two-week extension to find the series a new home. Part of the reason there is continued interest in the series is the producers of the series were given $13.7 million to move production from Florida to California for the second season. This is the fourth highest relocation incentive ever given from the CFC program.

Word is that Disney did discuss possibilities of keeping the series including talk of moving the focus to a new mission set in that 80s with a new cast. What WBTV current plans are for the series outside of shopping it around are unknown.

John Pallister

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