Disney Continues a Pattern of Serial Plagiarism With Star Wars

Editor’s note: This isn’t the first time we’ve covered alleged plagiarism by Disney on this blog. Now Itchy Bacca has discovered at least three more.



Let’s first go through the bullet list of plagiarism accusations against Lucasfilm in the Disney era.



Fan Model Stolen For Star Wars Roleplaying Game


Eckhart’s Ladder reports on the Juggernaught from Fractal Sponge that was used in a Star Wars role-playing game supplement.





You can watch Eckhart Ladder’s video on the topic here:


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Siege Cannon From TLJ Lifted From Last Airbender?

Here’s an image of “The Drill” from The Last Airbender.



Here’s the “Superlaser Siege Canon” from The Last Jedi:





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Thela-Siren Ripped Off?


And now it looks as though Thala-Siren may have a predecessor. This is Thala-Siren from The Last Jedi:





Here’s a video on the creation of Thela-Siren:



Here is a sculpture entitled Homunculus Loxodontusa created by Dutch artist Margriet van Breevoort in 2016:





Here’s a description of the sculpture from TheWorld:


Well, for starters, “it” actually started out as a sculpture created by the Dutch artist Margriet van Breevoort. The drooping creature with glazed eyes was installed in front of a children’s hospital in the Dutch city of Leiden. The point, according to the artist, is that it sits there. Waiting. It’s intended to cheer up tired patients stuck waiting their turn for care, in spite of the fact that it looks like a weird cross between an elephant seal and the Pillsbury Doughboy.

But then this lumpy creature started showing up in meme form, on Russian social media. And there it took on a life of its own. “In Russian, he’s known as Zhdun and in Ukraine, he’s known as Puchekun,” says Damien Sharkov, a Newsweek reporter who focuses on Russia and Eastern Europe.

One Russian newspaper even declared Zhdun Russia’s new national symbol. But, why?

Like Zhdun, one might infer that Russians too are “waiting on Russia’s cabinet to deliver reforms, waiting on Vladimir Lenin to complete the Communist revolution and waiting on Russia’s much maligned bridge to Crimea,” Sharkov writes.


Memes containing the Dutch sculpture were apparently very popular in the years preceding the release of The Last Jedi. In fact looking at the #HomunculusLoxodontus hashtag on Twitter, one finds the meme littered throughout Twitter.





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Editor: Is this the last of Disney’s plagiarism? Will anyone hold them accountable, or are lawsuits being quietly settled? Who is the worst perpetrator of plagiarism when it comes to Disney Star Wars? Rian Johnson? Was nothing being vetted? Does anyone care? Sound off in the comments below!

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