DisCanon Now Trying to Blame ‘Order 66’ that Killed the Jedi on… Yoda

SJWs are infamous for blaming everyone around them for their own problems and atrocities.  Take for instance the riots currently happening in American cities.  The fringe left wants to frame those riots as “Trump’s America,” despite the fact that it is SJW freaks actually engaging in the activity, oftentimes with the mayor’s blessing in largely blue cities.


So it would make sense then that the SJW within Lucasfilm would seek to blame someone other than Palpatine for Order 66. 


From ScreenRant:


Star Wars Reveals Yoda Knew The Clones Would Slaughter The Jedi

Yoda found the clones disturbing, not least because he noticed they were treated more like mindless droids than people; because they were mass-produced they tended to be thrown at targets without much interest in their survival, and they were not encouraged to acknowledge their individuality. “Made for war these children were,” Yoda reflected. “Made by the millions. Disposable their makers consider them.” But worst of all, as far as Yoda was concerned, was a fundamental flaw in the clones’ character; an instinct for obedience that he sensed had practically been programmed into them. As he meditated upon this, the Force granted him a vision of “another presence – one that felt like a vast storm in the Force, full of malice and greed.” The Jedi Master intuited this storm was a vision of the future, granted by the Force, one somehow associated with the Clone Army.

But Master Yoda made the wrong decision. He had seen thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of Padawans become distracted by glimpses of the future. His distrust of ancient Jedi prophesies seemed to have been proved right when Count Dooku left the Jedi and became a Sith Lord, because Dooku was one of the few Jedi who had studied the ancient Jedi prophesies, and he seemed to prove they would lead you down a dark path. Thus, while Yoda allowed the Force to guide him as it wished, he did not believe in pursuing visions – nor even in exerting effort in order to understand those granted by the Force. All would be revealed in time, he figured.

All was indeed revealed in time – but too late. Had Master Yoda only joined those dots, had he only sought the Force and attempted to divine the warning he had received, he would have begun to uncover the horrific secret that lay at the heart of the Clone Wars. But he did not, and the galaxy’s fate was sealed.


But there might be another reason for degrading Yoda.  This is my own speculation, but we all know what happened in The Last Jedi.  The only way the writers could figure out how to elevate women in the movie, was by degrading the men around them.


Erica from Evie Magazine wrote:


Rian Johnson and the team at Disney clearly couldn’t resist the siren song of feminism when writing this film. While the Star Wars series has always had powerful female characters, this clearly wasn’t enough for Johnson. The film’s clear intention is to make all of the female characters strong and “empowered.” The best way to do this? Emasculate every male character, make their characters defunct and useless, and let the ladies rule the day.

Every time the male characters go to save the day, they’re either thwarted or undermined by one of the female characters. At the very beginning of the film, Poe saves the day with his quick thinking. Princess Leia rewards his bravery by demoting him for subordination. Later, when Leia is almost killed during another Star Destroyer attack, Poe is passed up as acting commander of the vessel (even though he is their head fighter pilot) in favor of the queen of all bureaucrats, Vice Admiral Holdo.




So what if degrading Yoda is merely a prelude to the introduction of a wiser, more powerful, female counterpart?  Maz Kanata failed to have any kind of pop culture impact as a female stand in for Yoda.  So will they go back to the pre-drawn drawing board?


Because Kotaku recently noted that Lego has inserted the female Yaddle character into the trailer for their Skywalker Saga game.



Maybe that’s just in the game.  Or maybe, the crack team of feminists at Lucasfilm are planning to make Yaddle the bestest Jedi master evar, and this is just a small taste.


High Republic author Charles Soule seemed to be quite taken with the character back in February 2019 in an extensive Twitter thread, only a couple of months before Project Luminous was announced:



High Republic author Cavan Scott mentions wanting to write Yaddle.



So what are the chances that Yaddle makes an appearance in the High Republic dreck, and puts Yoda to shame?  I’d bet a fine steak dinner that they’ll dye her hair purple.


Thanks to O.G. Star Wars for the tip who comments:


Star Wars News || DisCanon Lore - It’s Yoda’s Fault the Jedi Fell (Order 66)


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